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DDS Electronics Europe B.V.  Company information

DDS have been Established in 1993,/1994 and is a dynamic and independent distributor of wireless and wiring communication techniques used in industrial, military and space applications of European companies and governmental institutions. Located in the heart of Europe, DDS has excellent distribution capabilities. Together with its worldwide partners, DDS is able to supply an enormous range of telemetry and electronic components within the requested lead-times and, of course , fully compliant with all applicable standards and quality requirements.

Our main customers ring exist from: government, Semi-government, defense, police force services, Judicial institutions, security agencies, fire departments, TNO, University and hospitals.
DDS also has more than 23 years experience already with providing, radio communication technology.
For several large parties DDS have provided complete systems and advise this parties well.
One of the specializations of DDS is providing professional Send - and to Receiver antennas and thereby belonging, combiners, splitters coaxial cable, connectors and measuring equipment.
But also the required GSM, EDGE GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA, WLAN communication equipment, with their associated components and Telemetry modems belong to the possibilities.
In the begin of the year 2000 the company has been reorganized and the Internet site has been further split off in several Internet sites to improving the overview.
In the year of 2002/2003 DDS has been modified from legal form.
The new name is now DDS Electronics Europe BV ( LTD ), it is however acted also still under the old trading name DDS Electronics and several other names.
On 1 April 2006 DDS Electronics Europe Ltd has taken over the company Spock-Electronics Ltd Spock-Electronics Ltd now has become one of the many trading names of DDS.
On 12 March 2012 DDS Electronics Europe Ltd has taken over the company VOCtronics Ltd, VOCtronics Ltd now has become one of the many trading names of DDS.
Also DDS Electronics Europe LTD, VOCtronics BV and Spock-Electronics Ltd become a component of the Holding group.
Location of our company:
DDS is located on address Laagsteen 29  zipcode NL-4815 PH in Breda
the telephone number is 0031 88 0 337 337
Beside the telephone entrance DDS also has a number of very professionally set up Internet websites
one of these internet sites is
please feel free to take a tour and be astonish about the ASSORTMENTS we can provide you.

The Chamber of Commerce  number is 20108192

DDS Telephone support hours are:
Monday 10:00 till 12:15 13:15 till 16:30
Tuesday to Thursday 09:00 till 12:15 13:15 till 16:30
Friday 09:00 till 12:15 13:15 till 15:00
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed
Netherlands Tel Number:
Tel.:0031 88 0 337 337
Fax: 0031 88 0 337 336
Visit and post address Netherlands
Industrie Terrein "Steenakker"
Laagsteen 29 
NL-4815 PH Breda
Address Belgium
Postbus 61 
B-2320 Hoogstraten 

For administrative questions send E-Mail to

For sales question you send a E-Mail to


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